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Country Guitar Technique



Introduction - Chord Diagrams, Fretboard Diagrams, Tablature, Tablature Symbols, Technique

Lesson 1 - The Bar Chord, Root Six Major Bar Chord, Left Hand Technique, Noyes on the Sixth String, Root Six Minor Bar Chord, Bar Chord Progressions

Lesson 2 - Root Five Bar Chords, Root Five Major Bar Chords, Root Five Minor Bar Chords, Notes on the Fifth String, Root Five Bar Chord Progressions

Lesson 3 - Seventh Bar Chords, Seventh Bar Chord - Root Six, Seventh Bar Chord - Root Five

Lesson 4 - Country Lead Guitar Patterns, Country Lead Guitar Licks

Lesson 5 - Lead Guitar Techniques, The Hammer-On, The Pull-Off, The Slide, Combining the Hammer-On,Pull-Off and Slide

Lesson 6 - Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques, The Bend, The Release Bend, Double Note Bends, Vibrato, Combining Lead Guitar Techniques


Lesson 7 - Advanced Chords and Rhythms, Minor Seventh Bar Chords, Staccato Strum, Suspended Bar Chords, Ninth Bar Chords

Lesson 8 - Country Lead Guitar Pattern 2, Staccato, Muting

Lesson 9 - Country Guitar Solos, Country Guitar Solo No.1, Country Guitar Solo No.2, Country Guitar Solo No.3, Country Guitar Solo No.4

Lesson 10 - Fingerpicking, Right Arm and Hand Position, Picking the Strings, Picking with Your Right Hand Fingers, Picking with Your Thumb, Alternating Thumb Style, Country Slide Guitar, The Thumb, The Slide, Damping, Fretting, Sliding, Slide Scale Patterns

Scales & Keys - Scales, The Chromatic Scale, The Major Scale, The Minor Scale, The Major Pentatonic Scale, The Minor Pentatonic Scale, Keys and Key Signatures, Relative Keys







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