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Country Guitar Method



Introduction - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Amplifiers, Strings, Seating, Picks, Right Arm Position, Left Hand Position, Right Hand Support, Pick Technique, Rudiments of Music, Chord Diagrams, Rhythm Symbols

Lesson 1 - C Major Chord, G Seventh Chord, Chord Progressions, Rhythm Patterns

Lesson 2 - D Major Chord, D Seventh Chord, Pivot Finger, Slide Finger, A Major Chord, E Major Chord

Lesson 3 - Country Progressions, 16 Bar Country Progression, A Seventh Chord, 8 Bar Country Progression

Lesson 4 - Eighth Note Rhythms, Eighth Note Rhythm Patterns, E Seventh Chord

Lesson 5 - A Minor Chord, D Minor Chord, E Minor Chord, B Minor Chord, The 3/4 Time Signature, 3/4 Time Rhythm Patterns

Lesson 6 - Bass Note Rhythm Patterns, 4/4 Bass Note Rhythm Patterns

Lesson 7 - F Major Chord, C Seventh Chord, B Seventh Chord

Lesson 8 - Silent Strums, Continuous Rhythm, Silent Strum Symbols, Rhythm Variations, D Suspended Chord, A Suspended Chord, E Suspended Chord

Lesson 9 - Alternate Bass Note Picking, Tablature, Banks Of The Ohio, The Streets Of Laredo

Lesson 10 - Bass Note Runs, The Hammer-On

Lesson 11 - Country Licks, G Major Pentatonic Scale, The Pull-Off, Combining Rhythms and Licks

Lesson 12 - Sixteenth Note Rhythms

Appendix - Tuning, How to Read Sheet Music, Easy Chord Table, How to Transpose, The Capo, Chord Symbols, Chord Chart, Notes on the Guitar Fretboard, The Chromatic Scale






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